Interact with mentors and other entrepreneurs who are in the same boat as you.


For all you young and
gutsy entrepreneurs

We bring to you an initiative that
intends to provide all you
entrepreneurs a platform to build your
network, share your ideas and most
importantly, have fun while you are at

The U-25 Startup Summit:
Sharing. Networking. Empowering.


We are a bunch of guys who want to build a community
of the future. U-25 Startup Summit is an initiative that
helps you meet fellow U-25 entrepreneurs and create an
eco-system that thrives on fearless, creative ones like


We want to build and empower a starship of Jedis like
you and use the resultant synergy created by working
together to foster a dynasty of young entrepreneurs. We
strongly believe that YOU are the future. We want you
to rule the galaxy and then, thank us in your memoirs.


23rd February, 2014

Here’s everything you need to know
about the U-25 Start Summit.

This initiative kicks off with an event which gives the U-25 entrepreneurs a chance
to share their story and build networks. We really want to know what drives you!

About the event

Share your story: Tell us a tale about your
startup. Grab some limelight and take over
the scene!

Network: Connections can take you to places
you have only imagined. Meet other U-25
entrepreneurs, expand your horizons and
build relationships that will be with you in the
long haul.

Startup Comedy: Yep, we have a laugh riot
planned for you.

Investors: Looking for funding? You might
just find it here!

Drink: Alcohol is proof that God loves us and
wants us to be happy.


Under the age of 25, creative, courageous,
own a startup, looking for funding, want
to meet new people and have a great
time. This event is made for you!


You can register for the event as a
speaker (go out there and share some of
your experiences!) or as a delegate (take a
backseat, sip a beer, listen to the
adventures of the fellow U-25
entrepreneurs and take home an

If you have any query, Write to us:
or call us: +91 81234 71705

This is where you belong.

The event registrations are now closed. Join our community to stay in touch and we will let you know about our future events.